Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh the Time....

Where does my time go???? 3 simple answers....boys, laundry, food. Love those cute boys like crazy but as they get older it does not get easier...just different. I am more of an overseer rather than mommy. My role is now to lead them to be God-fearing young men and that scare the crapola outta me. I pray daily for their futures and place it in God's hands and hope I have given them the right tools to make good and godly decisions. Bumps in the road are ok...just is hard as mom to sit and watch them fly. ;)

Busy weekend ahead....

1. Wrestling meet #2 tomorrow. All 3 boys are now undefeated...meaning they have not yet lost a match. I never though I would be one of those crazy wrestling moms...but I am. I scream for my boys to pin & score points during matches. Hmm.

2. SonLight...this is my contemporary singing group from church. LOVE THIS!! My passion for sure. Many of the songs on my Facebook page are my faves from this group.

3. Movie Night....staying up until all hours of the morn with the boys since Don will be out of town. They love this and I cherish the memories. Hate the movies, but cherish the time spent with them.