Monday, April 20, 2009


The last few moths have been extremely hard for me as a mom & daughter. My parents divorced in Dcember and it has come down on me like a ton of bricks. I have decided I can do nothing for them but pray & hope they will both find peace in this new world they have brought us all into. The boys...different story. They have questions and I have gone to God in prayer and answer them honestly. Divorce sucks. Divorce sucks. I will fight til my death to make my marriage work. I never want my boys to feel what I do.
The picture on this blog is of a very happy day last Christmas. We were in San Antonio visiting Don's parents. I had a wonderful time & this was a day I will never forget. Even if it was just lunch and drinks with my mother in law, Yvonne, & sister inlaw, Claudia. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Easter Week

My Yard....during the hunt.
The Egg Dying...what a mess.

Good Friday: My dad flew in this day to spend 10 days with us. We picked him up in Flint (an airport that I love because of the ease of finding whomever I am picking up) and came back home. We all went and it was a quick 40 minute trip. We always color eggs on Good Friday. Not sure why, we just do. I like the actual thought of coloring eggs, but each year it just turn into one big fight. Ohhhh...what I put myself thru with little men. I made the mistake of trying some new egg dye. Lesson learned...if you find something that works...stick with it. Glitter & sticky shiny junk are not a good idea!

Easter Eve: I sing with a contemporary Christian group at our church, called SonLight. I love this and I am passionate about it. We go to church on Saturday nights most of the time. Many devout Lutheran friends think I am crazy for this. It is church and we have Confession, Absolution, Communion, and what's the big deal? Personal preference. We do an Easter Vigil the night before Easter. It was amazing. I was moved by it, I hope others were too.

Easter: We all went to the Sunrise Service. I love it! Go to church in the dark and leave with the sun shining thur the stained glass. I made all the regular Easter food and had my BFF Christi & her son Declan over for dinner. We did the egg hunt and all. It was a good day.