Saturday, April 9, 2011


Our house is very busy as we prepare. We are hitting many milestones in the weeks to come with Andy. Don & I have made the effort to remain strong in our faith and leading by example to the boys. On Palm Sunday Andy will be Confirmed. I tell people this they just look at me and smile and say....Ohhh that's nice. Nice? He will standing up before God and the members of our congregation speaking for himself what we spoke for him on this baptism day. This will be the day he begins his own faith walk. Will he stumble? Yes. Will he doubt? Yes. Will we be there praying for him? YES! Will we continue to encourage him to base choices in life on his faith? YES! I am thankful that we live in a country where we are allowed to join with or friends and worship a God that is my rock. Monday we register Andy for High School! We pick his classes. We become tuition paying parents at the school Don teaches at. We will have a child at Lutheran Northwest for the next 9 years....sometimes 2 boys at a time. This terrifies me! Again it is time for my boy to fly....time for me to let go and stand by and watch him make choices that will shape his future. I will stand on the side and be there to help. He will need help. He will need his Mom. He will be happy in the path HE chooses, not me. Let go, Mom! Let him fly!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I am a lot late for the happy wish of a joyful new year to my friends & family. It is now April 2! SO very much has happened in 2011 so far. I make the attempt to recap by the month but I can barely remember what I ate for dinner yesterday,so here we go!!! I am at a I pulled out my calendar. January.....we enjoyed our time off together for break and no one was ready to go back to school and work. Andy played basketball....he was part of the team and made a few shots, but this is clearly not his sport. I went back to COLLEGE!! This was a sacrifice for our entire family and I have decided I will never return. Mike & Jake started playing Upwards basketball. It was Jake's 1st time on a real team. Let's just say....adults are SOOOOO rude. My baby had to hear grown Christian adults question his age & higher ability level. He had fun moving up to his brothers team, but will not play again next year. We started preparing our Science Fair projects.....of which 2 of my boys will never have to do again. (yes I am very happy) February.....This month was filled with nothing but basketball and school for all of us. Don turned 39 and we went out to dinner. :)
March.....Basketball is over!!!! I finished school, got all A's, am on the President's List, and have a perfect 4.0 GPA. I am very proud because this was the hardest 10 weeks for all of us. I have decided not to return, but now have enough Early Childhood credits to keep my job. So I will work until Don tells me I don't have to. HA! We are crazy busy with Confirmation prep for Andy. This is a family quest and I will be glad to see the day when he professes his faith. Love him! April....The year is 1/4 over...I took a math class to figure that out. This is the month we register Andy for High School. I am sick to my stomach. He will be Confirmed the 17th and we have family coming into town & I will begin my bitchy cleaning quest. I don't know why I bother cleaning like a mad one really cares do they?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Blog Abandoned

I blog...then I don't. I think about it...then I don't. I love reading other blogs and think to my self I really need to update my own. But then I get lost on Facebook and before I know it someone needs somthing or life calls me away.

Today is Christmas Eve. I think the Santa joy has escaped my boys. They truly don't care. They just want a present. All the work and secrets I go thru so they can act suprised is wearing on me. I think this will be the last year I keep up the drama. I will come clean. They are getting a karaoke machine from the jolly old guy this year. I think I will enjoy it very much.

Eating! I do like to eat....but preparing the food is such a drag. This is a one woman show in this house. I gather, prepare, clean, and repeat. Finding exciting menu items has become a chore and no one really cares. They would be thrilled with sandwiches and pizza every day. No suggestion for meals are offered and to be quite frank...I am growing tired of the sad faces when dinner is served. the new year each boy will be in charge of making one entire dinner each week. Problem solved!

It is the crack of dawn on Christmas Eve and off I go to collect the meal. Of course I have found a partner in dear friend Kim. Thanks Kim!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Catching Up!

Soooooo.....the playoffs didn't go our way. The mighty Crusaders lost and it was ugly. I saw tears, smiles, handshakes, and a great display of Christian values. Planning for next season is already underway & for the first time one of our sons will finally be putting on a Crusader uniform. Yep! Andy will be a freshman next year, a player of his Dad's, and a high school student (GULP!).

The 1st Quarter is already over for the boys. They are all doing very well & seem to be on track. Just the basic pay attention, work slowly, and hand stuff in comments. We can live with that.

Mike has started basketball is the one of the Captains for his team. He loves basketball and from what I can see he does a pretty good job. It is 5th & 6th I guess it is still more of a "fun" sport...although winning the first game was pretty great.
Here is a continuation of my list (of things I like):
31. Snap peas
32. Slim Fast with Coffee mixed in.
33. Counting down the day until Christmas vacation.
34. A day with no crying.
35. I really like grapes.
to be continued...........................

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playoffs.....or bust!

He did it! It's a 3-peat! For the 3rd year in a row Don and his mighty Crusaders have advanced to the playoffs. I bubble with my love for my husband. I love him! I love the passion he has for his team. He loves those boys and as his soul mate for the last 20 plus years I can tell you being a coach is his passion. I often joke I will be wheeling him out to coach as we age and that his ashes will be sprinkled on the field. What I think is most amazing is that Don always keep Christ 1st. They pray before they play and when they are done no matter if it is a win or loss. I love this public example and I think it shows those who are not Christians why we are they way we are....we give the glory to God in good times and in bad. Sometimes I do not like the comments I hear in the stands or as I walk to my car following a game. When I share this with Don he never seems to care and I finally understand that is because he is doing what he loves and is making choices based on that. He is truly happy in his career path and I can not imagine not joining Don in this amazing journey of being a Lutheran Educator and coach. I will always be his biggest fan and support unitl the day I die. We are right where God wants us to be and no matter the outcome of playoffs I know we will praise God for the opportunity. ( the coaches wife in me thinks a win would be great...please....please...please)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some days.....

Some days I like to sit and think about the little things I realllllly like. I thought I should make a list...just in case anyone ever wants to surprise me. I am not a girl who needs the big stuff (well I do love my Flex) but a girl that loves little random acts of fun.

1. Crunchy Peanut Butter (even though it is horrible for me)
2. Cheetos
3. Coke Zero....fountain pop. That is hard to find so I actually travel extra distances to get my fix
4. Good quality tissue for my nose.
5. I really like fresh flowers
6. Crazy socks
7. Fun headbands for my curly hair
9. Tank tops....any color except yellow.
10. Gelato
11. Fuzzy yarn
12. Gum...but nothing fruity or spicy
13. Popcorn combo at Target...whattta deal
14. My own pen
15. Glitter
16. Soup....pretty much any kind as long as broccoli is not involved
17. Salvation Army....I could spend HOURS sifting thru for great deals
18. Pink nail polish
19. Iced Coffee....I guess this would go along with Starbucks....but I really like McDonald's
20. A plane ticket to visit San Antonio....this is pricey, but I really miss those nieces
21. Silence
22. Underwear that are comfortable. Cotton.
23. A new pillow case
24. A little mirror to keep in my purse
25. My very own Catechism
26. A new weed whacker
27. Verizon ear buds & phone protector...I think sharing ear buds is as gross as a pot luck
28. A night out with Kim
29. A day where I am not asked to analyze. Kids poop, pee, sleep, and eat....some days they don't
30. A day with my husband all to myself. He loves his job people, but I really think calling my house late at night or stalking me to get info is a bit much. ;)

Well 30 seems like a fine number to stop at. I'll continue my list when my dishwasher & dryer are not both buzzzzzzzzing.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Better late than never...a line I find myself saying more and more often.

We have started school and are nearly half way thru the 1st quarter. (so good) Andy is in 8th grade and will be Confirmed April 17, 2011. Our focus this year us to get this kid to high his Dad can see him in his academic excellence. ;) Mike is in 6th grade and is finding that it is best to actually make a little effort when going to school. Athletics is the center of Mike's existence at the moment. He would rather just play all day and really thinks school gets in the way of fun. baby. He is now in 3rd grade and let's us know he is NOT A BABY. He is a big boy and wants to be treated that way. Of course, he still loves to be hugged and loved and as his Mom I just think he wants to act big. All 3 boys get daily kisses on their noggins from me...and I have told them they will until the day I die. :)

Don is in nearing the end of his crazy busy football season. A win this coming weekend will let the season continue and he will lead his Crusaders to another chance in the state playoffs. He loves football and I love I guess I love football too. It will, however, be great to have my hubby back....I miss him soooooo.

I am back teaching the little ones at Our Shepherd. I once again have my very own room of 12-18 month olds and I love that I get to share Jesus every single day. I have taken up making scarves....with my brand new Knifty Knitter. Yes, I have been told that I am cheating, but I don't care. I love turning a ball of yarn into something to give a friend. I only do scarves...nothing else. Scarves are one of my favorite things. If you get one from me you are one lucky duck, because I am also very slow. ;)