Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some days.....

Some days I like to sit and think about the little things I realllllly like. I thought I should make a list...just in case anyone ever wants to surprise me. I am not a girl who needs the big stuff (well I do love my Flex) but a girl that loves little random acts of fun.

1. Crunchy Peanut Butter (even though it is horrible for me)
2. Cheetos
3. Coke Zero....fountain pop. That is hard to find so I actually travel extra distances to get my fix
4. Good quality tissue for my nose.
5. I really like fresh flowers
6. Crazy socks
7. Fun headbands for my curly hair
9. Tank tops....any color except yellow.
10. Gelato
11. Fuzzy yarn
12. Gum...but nothing fruity or spicy
13. Popcorn combo at Target...whattta deal
14. My own pen
15. Glitter
16. Soup....pretty much any kind as long as broccoli is not involved
17. Salvation Army....I could spend HOURS sifting thru for great deals
18. Pink nail polish
19. Iced Coffee....I guess this would go along with Starbucks....but I really like McDonald's
20. A plane ticket to visit San Antonio....this is pricey, but I really miss those nieces
21. Silence
22. Underwear that are comfortable. Cotton.
23. A new pillow case
24. A little mirror to keep in my purse
25. My very own Catechism
26. A new weed whacker
27. Verizon ear buds & phone protector...I think sharing ear buds is as gross as a pot luck
28. A night out with Kim
29. A day where I am not asked to analyze. Kids poop, pee, sleep, and eat....some days they don't
30. A day with my husband all to myself. He loves his job people, but I really think calling my house late at night or stalking me to get info is a bit much. ;)

Well 30 seems like a fine number to stop at. I'll continue my list when my dishwasher & dryer are not both buzzzzzzzzing.

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