Friday, November 12, 2010

Catching Up!

Soooooo.....the playoffs didn't go our way. The mighty Crusaders lost and it was ugly. I saw tears, smiles, handshakes, and a great display of Christian values. Planning for next season is already underway & for the first time one of our sons will finally be putting on a Crusader uniform. Yep! Andy will be a freshman next year, a player of his Dad's, and a high school student (GULP!).

The 1st Quarter is already over for the boys. They are all doing very well & seem to be on track. Just the basic pay attention, work slowly, and hand stuff in comments. We can live with that.

Mike has started basketball is the one of the Captains for his team. He loves basketball and from what I can see he does a pretty good job. It is 5th & 6th I guess it is still more of a "fun" sport...although winning the first game was pretty great.
Here is a continuation of my list (of things I like):
31. Snap peas
32. Slim Fast with Coffee mixed in.
33. Counting down the day until Christmas vacation.
34. A day with no crying.
35. I really like grapes.
to be continued...........................