Saturday, April 9, 2011


Our house is very busy as we prepare. We are hitting many milestones in the weeks to come with Andy. Don & I have made the effort to remain strong in our faith and leading by example to the boys. On Palm Sunday Andy will be Confirmed. I tell people this they just look at me and smile and say....Ohhh that's nice. Nice? He will standing up before God and the members of our congregation speaking for himself what we spoke for him on this baptism day. This will be the day he begins his own faith walk. Will he stumble? Yes. Will he doubt? Yes. Will we be there praying for him? YES! Will we continue to encourage him to base choices in life on his faith? YES! I am thankful that we live in a country where we are allowed to join with or friends and worship a God that is my rock. Monday we register Andy for High School! We pick his classes. We become tuition paying parents at the school Don teaches at. We will have a child at Lutheran Northwest for the next 9 years....sometimes 2 boys at a time. This terrifies me! Again it is time for my boy to fly....time for me to let go and stand by and watch him make choices that will shape his future. I will stand on the side and be there to help. He will need help. He will need his Mom. He will be happy in the path HE chooses, not me. Let go, Mom! Let him fly!

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  1. That is REALLY good, Amy! You are such a good Mom, and you & Don are such excellent parents living your lives as an example to your boys! Way to go, Mom, in being there to help as you let them begin to make decisions on their own, trusting God to watch over them. i struggle with that concept alot, then it's like God nudges me - "I know them better than you, and I can see them ALL the time when even you can't." God is so good.

    Congrats again, Amy! You are raising wonderful young men! Blessings to you all during these exciting times!