Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have not been sharing myself for nearly 2 We had a wonderful end to our summer vacation after celebrating Jake's 8th birthday July 23rd. I was so busy I didn't even take many pictures. My Facebook page documents the few I did take. I cherish my children and the time I get spend with them. They are each such different young men & I spent my summer getting to know them better than I thought I already knew them. I was sad to see summer vacation end and for school to begin. I have never felt this before & I really miss them when they are gone at school. They complete me and I thank God for them. We did so many fun things that I will share later on, but for now I am just greatful for the time I was ablw to spend with my babies.

Don & I had a great summer as well. He took every Tuesday & Thursday off to spend with family. This was INTENTIONAL. Never ever in all the years we have been married has he done this. He is very devoted to his job & is passionate about the "kids" and coaching he is able to take part in. Time. It is the best gift. One that I didn't even ask for. I had been praying for more time with my husband without him knowing for some time now. We celebrated 15 years of marriage June 18th & I think the most wonderful memories I have are times spent with Don. Love him!

Stay tuned for summer detailssssss...or maybe not.