Friday, December 24, 2010

Blog Abandoned

I blog...then I don't. I think about it...then I don't. I love reading other blogs and think to my self I really need to update my own. But then I get lost on Facebook and before I know it someone needs somthing or life calls me away.

Today is Christmas Eve. I think the Santa joy has escaped my boys. They truly don't care. They just want a present. All the work and secrets I go thru so they can act suprised is wearing on me. I think this will be the last year I keep up the drama. I will come clean. They are getting a karaoke machine from the jolly old guy this year. I think I will enjoy it very much.

Eating! I do like to eat....but preparing the food is such a drag. This is a one woman show in this house. I gather, prepare, clean, and repeat. Finding exciting menu items has become a chore and no one really cares. They would be thrilled with sandwiches and pizza every day. No suggestion for meals are offered and to be quite frank...I am growing tired of the sad faces when dinner is served. the new year each boy will be in charge of making one entire dinner each week. Problem solved!

It is the crack of dawn on Christmas Eve and off I go to collect the meal. Of course I have found a partner in dear friend Kim. Thanks Kim!