Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The end of school I mean. Even though I know school is a wonderful place for my boys, I just love it when they are home on summer break. No time restraints, no rushing out the door, and no homework. All 3 boys are such outdoor kids and they learn so much from the world outside my back door. I have always thought home schooling would be wonderful, so awesome to let the boys learn in a different way without time restraints. husband is a teacher, a teacher in a private Lutheran school, one that recruits. How weird would it be and what message would it send if we pulled them and taught them at home until high school? This is my burning wish for Andy in specific. He is such a smart kid, but does not like all the restraints placed upon him in school...the time wasted he says. He sees it! He knows the work he does could be done in less than 3 hours, but is put into an 8 hour school day. I have many friends that home school now or in the past and I am making it my priority to learn what would be best for my sweet boy during this summer break...would he thrive learning from me here at home? That is the question.

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