Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I have been non-bogging for the past few months. I have taken a leap into the world of Facebook & have not been the blogger I meant to. New blog. :)

We have been enjoying our Christmas Break the last 2 weeks. No school, no schedule, no rushing around, and no crazy loads of school uniform laundry. No CHRISTMAS LETTER! WOW...this is a huge thing in the world of the Justice Clan. I have done a letter every year for the last 15. Guess I was so wrapped up in family stuff I just didn't make it a priority. I did send out a few Christmas pictures of the boys. I need to get some more made to send out with New Year's cards of the people I forgot to send cards to. Actually, I have lost my address book & couldn't send card to my usual peeps. So I hope they send me a card. :)

We spent a few days in Frankenmuth at The Bavarian Inn. This place is the place where it is Christmas 24/7 and heaven on earth in the world of kids. A hotel with 5 pools and yummy food.

School gets going again on Monday & I have to admit I am counting the days until Easter vacation when we will all be home together for 2 weeks. I have come to cherish family time the last year or so. Not sure why. I just do. I have said no to friends, not answered my phone, and have turned down activities just so I can be with my family.

I get so sick of listening to people talk about new year resolutions. Boooooring. I have goals that I'd like to meet but don't care to share with the world. I really like silent victories & don't feel the need for a cheering section. Yikes...that sounded mean. :)

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