Monday, January 4, 2010

Ahhhhh...Back to School!

After nearly 2 weeks off the house is once again quiet. Just me and the very fat cat and the quietness. I do miss the boys and Don but love the sounds of nothing. :) Nothing sounds great. Especially great since no laundry will be getting done thanks to a small electrical fire in my dryer. No worries...our clothes & house are fine & a super big dryer is arriving Friday. Yahoooo!

I have a nervousness in my tummy. Andy was the top finisher in the school Geography Bee. This week he will take a test to see if he will qualify on the top 100 in the state of Michigan. NO PRESSURE for the kid at all! To most people this would be just another step for their smart kid. Difference here is that Andy is often regarded as the kid with no friends, gets in trouble alot, is quirky, and is butt of a lot if jokes. He is not noticed by his peers as the smart kid. We know how brilliant he is and hope this is a way to let the rest of the little world know too. GO ANDY!!!

Just a few side notes: working midnights is kicking my butt and putting a damper on my church attendance , I am ready for summer, I love my Flex, and Slim Fast is tasty.

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